Rethink Ticketing.

At Flicket, we help our partners connect directly with their fanbase, through an exceptional digital experience. This leads to increased revenue, improvements in cash flow and happier fans. Our team is passionate about providing actionable data and insights to support informed decision-making to ensure our partners remain ahead of the game.

Ticketing has changed more in the last 6 months than it has in the last 6 years. With technology and digital marketing tactics continuously evolving and consumer behaviours changing, now more than ever organisations need to directly connect with their fans through a seamless experience and customer journey.

“Secure and flexible ticketing, membership and data solutions.”

Elevate the Experience.

To meet the demands of modern consumers, the sports and entertainment industry needs to deliver an exceptional experience to their fanbase or they risk falling behind. Retaining control of this experience is key as any reliance on a third party may impact your bottom line.

Fans are increasingly wanting to engage directly with the brands they trust through mobile and digital channels rather than creating accounts with secondary brands such as traditional ticketing companies. The industry has seen a decline in the effectiveness of traditional second party database marketing. Flicket is proud to have supported our partners in achieving up to 138% improvement in conversion ratios whilst ensuring they retain full control of their customer journey.


of all cart abandonments come from the length and difficulty of purchasing.


of all cart abandonments come from having to create an account to check out.

Effortless Technology.

Our cutting-edge technology has been built from the ground up with fans in mind and provides:

  • Flexibility.
  • Scalability.
  • Profitability.

Our modern technology caters to all user age groups with the entire ticketing experience being simple, effective and seamless for everyone.

Speed, reliability and security have been the cornerstones of our design philosophy.


Data and analytics leaders are striving to create a complete picture of their data ecosystems by collecting, analysing and activating their data. Traditional ticketing firms have historically restricted the flow of data to support their own business objectives.

We ensure that our partners retain full control and ownership over their fanbase.
Our partners can use this data to fully understand their fans and to assist in decision making. This leads to a reduction in customer acquisition costs and an improvement in fan retention rates. Due to our flexible approach, we have the ability to integrate with other software and hardware systems to ensure we are working towards the same goals as our partners.