Our Solutions.

Our core focus is on our customers and their fans, disrupting the current ticketing model, and placing the power back into our partners hands.

Our business model has allowed our partners to successfully minimise financial risk and improve their revenue and cash flow positions, whilst also delivering a seamless experience and a direct connection to their fan base. Our data insights have played a significant role in supporting informed decision making by our clients.

At Flicket, we understand the dynamic nature of the industry and pride ourselves in being agile, with a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure all of our customers' events are a success. We do what we say we’ll do and have an exceptional track record when it comes to implementation.

Seated, General Admission and Greenfield ticketing.

“Seamless customer journeys”

At Flicket we are specialists in sports ticketing and our technology has been developed to serve an industry where fans have strong brand alliances. Having a deep understanding of casual ticket holders, memberships and commercial partners allows us to minimise the workload for your team and maximise your returns on marketing efforts.

Key features include;

  • Seat Select
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Instant reporting
  • “Fan Finder”
  • Referral programs


“Bring your most loyal customers an elevated experience”

At Flicket we drive increased membership sales by giving you the tools to have complete control of your data. We ensure that your members can secure their same seats, minimising decision making and reducing churn rates. Flickets “Fan Finder” allows you to assess who is most likely to become a member at the completion of each season. Our membership renewal program is secondary to none and reduces the workload required from your internal teams.

Key features include;

  • Season membership seat selection
  • Season membership seat renewal
  • Season membership self up-grade
  • Season membership card printing

Event Access Control (EAC).

“Ensuring a great first impression”

Minimal queues at an event is critical to a great fan experience. People can often underestimate the cost of a fan waiting in-line, delaying and reducing spend on food and beverage as well as merchandise, if the entrance process has not been done right.  We have built our technology to be quick and stable, while giving you complete visibility and control over your fans, while ensuring you are able to deliver your event in a cost effective manner.

Key features include;

  • Cost effective mobile download application
  • Flexible integration capabilities with 3rd party entrance technology
  • “Satellite” capabilities for remote greenfield events

Industry experts and hands on experience.

Our dedicated team has a vast amount of experience working within the sports and entertainment industry. We become a true partner by understanding their business then tailoring our services to suit budgets and needs.

Our teams capabilities are in strategy, implementation and management, specifically in the following areas :

  • Ticketing
  • Membership
  • Event delivery
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Data Analytics