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Creating unique experiences.



What we do is work with the creators in the event industry execute on their vision of providing unique experiences and removing the stress out of ticketing.

Why we do this is because we believe in the future of the entertainment industry, one of the last shared cultural experiences we have, that is growing quickly and dynamically.

How we do this is by delivering exceptional and innovative products and services to the creators of this industry.

We work with you, not against you.



We noticed other ticketing companies focus on their own brand, stealing the limelight (and revenue) from the true experience creators.

We are focused around you - your brand, your event, your customers, your experience.

Therefore all our platform is white label and can be seamlessly integrated into your own websites with ease.

We also create custom solutions, specific to your situation, because we know no two events are the same so shouldn’t be treated that way.


✔ White label product

✔ Multiple payment providers

✔ Data management

✔ Social media integration

✔ Custom made solutions, and more.


Experience Creation

We also thought it was strange that the company selling the ticket is often not the company meeting you at the gate.

How can you provide a seamless experience for your customers if you have never been there to scan the ticket, welcoming guests to the event?

We pride ourselves in doing more than just providing a ticketing platform. We can assist in anything you may require on the day or leading up to the event, and have a great track record of successful events under our belt already.

Our team has worked in the events industry for many years, and know what it takes to create a memorable experience on the day.


✔ All required hardware

✔ Gate management

✔ Event management

✔ Venue operations

✔ Event staffing, and more.



With our unique depth and mix of expertise within both technology and events we can assist with you creating a new event from scratch, or get more from your current creations.

We have experience in deriving valuable insights from event data which we can then form in to actionable sales and marketing plans to get more from your events. Whether its driving merchandise sales, or find out what music your audience is listening too - we can provide valuable assistance.

We do not just stop there, we can also assist in the design, and branding of your event and business by working along side some of our trusted design agencies.


✔ Data and consumer insights

✔ Sales and marketing

✔ Design and branding

✔ Market research

✔ Pricing and strategy, and more.



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