Creating memories

Memories are made with events that provide distinctive experiences.

Creating unique experiences
— Our mission at Flicket

We are an event ticketing business focused on creating the best experience for our partners and their fans.

Whether you are a promoter, event manager, venue owner, or event goer, we work with you to create great experiences.

We do this by using our innovative technology and hands on experience, backed by some of New Zealand’s most experienced promoters



As technology develops, so does consumer expectations. To meet these changing expectations, we have created tools that enable you to get the most out of your events; from ticketing to data management and everything in-between.



We pride ourselves in doing more than just providing a ticketing platform. We can assist in anything you may require on the day or leading up to the event, and have a great track record of successful events under our belt already.



With our unique depth and mix of experience within both technology and event management we can assist with you creating a new event from scratch - whether its a 50 person seminar or a 30,000 person festival.

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We believe in showing off the creators behind great experiences - that is why we want you to meet some of the people we work with who have worked tirelessly to create some of your most memorable events across New Zealand.

Every now and then we will feature one of our favorite creators here where you can learn more about them, their processes, and the outcome of their hard work.

We are currently working on our first feature - check back in the near future to see more.



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